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We are Your Connection to WORLD MISSIONS.

The Heart of the Matter.

“Most Pastors feel a compelling to participate in world missions, but find themselves too busy with the duties and responsibilities involved in fulfilling their primary calling.  They either don’t know how or even where to start; or they tried it with someone and got stung. Some went out alone and their people suffered, got sick, hurt, or mad and don’t want to go out again.”      —Dr. Mark T. Barclay


     This quote explains the many reasons why it is difficult for pastors to offer mission trips to their local body.  However, this is also where the ministry of ALC Missions steps in.  Part of the vision and call upon this mission-minded ministry is to help churches have stable and established contacts on the mission field for their congregations to experience missions.  This isn't something we do for hire--it's the call of God on our lives.

We are Honored to Help With:

  • Connecting you with established missionaries who have an on-going vision.

  • Offering step-by-step guidance in planning a trip for you and your congregational members 

  • Training your team through workshops to better prepare them for the field.

We Have Over 30 Years Experience in: 

  • Home & Foreign Missions

  • Building & Renovation Projects

  • Food, Clothing, & Toy Distributions

  • Children’s Outreach

  • Street Evangelism

  • Pastor/Leadership Training Seminars

What's Next? 

It's our heart to help you in any way and advance you to the mission field!  Our heart is to serve and connect the missionaries we have supported and empowered to take the gospel to all creation.  


Contact us now!  Fill out the short form below and let us know that you are interested in connecting with us and finding out more information.  We are excited to see what God can do through your local body to Impact the Nations!

Thanks for submitting!

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